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Grave Marker

Grave Markers

A flat, engraved stone of granite that can be customized to fit any needs. Options to etch or engrave mementos such as a coffee cup grandma drank from every morning, or a favorite belt buckle that fit just right. It might be a photo of a family homestead going back generations, a cabin by a meandering river or a biker riding his Harley-Davidson down a country road into a late-night depiction of heaven.

Memorial Monuments

Memorial Monuments

An upright monument allows you more options to memorialize your loved ones with different styles including statues, vases or even benches just to name a few. Other options such as portrait etchings and other engravings are available too.

Community Monument

Community Monuments

Columbus Monument has been involved in the Higgins Memorial Project, since its inception, engraving the bricks for the project. They have made granite markers going in and out of Monroe along the highway, as well as the stone signs that mark the entrances of Lake Oconee and Clear Lake. They are also involved with the North Bend Memorial Project, as well as participating in the repair of the memorial in Frankfurt Square.

Memorial Monuments

Additional Options

Other options that are available are emblems, memorial lights, star flag holders or bronze vases are available to any monument.

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